Let’s explore the possibility that heaven is the utter opposite of hell. Of course, this premise requires that one believe in, and have some personal concept of, hell.

I suspect that one’s concept of hell is personal. Your concept and mine most likely differ on major and minor points. That’s just fine. The two need not agree. In fact, your concept may be that hell does not exist at all. That’s OK.

All I can do is write from my own concept. So, if you are willing, please extend me the liberty.

Hell, to me, is being separated from love and being united in eternity to separation and loss. Whether in this earthly life or in some life hereafter, hell is separation with the ability to see what might have been.

Yes, the Bible describes hell as a place of gnashing of teeth, darkness, coldness and absence of life. Well, this requires that one have a concept of life.

What is Life? To me, it is the opportunity to wreak good and happiness, healing, love, replication, and sacrifice for the benefit of other people or for a cause greater than one’s self.

So, in keeping with utter opposites, death is wreaking unhappiness, wounding, hatred, and selfishness. In a word, misery. The only common denominator is replication. One can replicate things that are negative or positive.

Regardless of what one believes, the imperative exists. Are you devoted to good and happiness, healing and love? If you are, why? If you are not, why not?

These are questions worth considering for self-illumination and actualization. I invite you to please share your thoughts on this blog. Thank you.

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