Clock ticking. . . 3:07 a.m. Instead of sleeping, my brain is in rapid fire mode, spraying thoughts like bullets across the theater of my mind. Deeply troubled by so much pain and suffering everywhere, and how to make sense of it. How do we  find meaning in moment-by-moment existence in this world of ours.

Then it struck me. Start a blog.

This was July 19, 2012, less than 24 hours before the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado. 

This blog is not about me. It’s an exploration of life and what comes after. It is an invitation to the world to share: What gives your life meaning, and what do you believe will give it meaning after your time on earth is finished?

Although questions like these most often seem to arise in times of darkness, crisis and isolation, it is the exploration that will light our way.

So, what gives the seconds, minutes, days, weeks and years of your life meaning? For me, this morning, it was seeing a wild, brown, baby rabbit munching on a blade of grass. This was confirmation, to me, that life continues and nature gives birth to pure and innocent life each and every day. Tonight, meaning will come by cooking dinner with a friend who is going through a difficult time.

This blog is a challenge for us to see meaning in the moment and, hopefully, begin connecting these threads to something bigger, broader and maybe even eternal.

Please share, and follow the ground rules. Treat everyone with dignity and respect, no hating or flaming, nothing profane. Love your neighbor, no matter where they live on this spinning blue planet. Thank you.

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